Sanoma further develops its corporate social responsibility agenda – share your opinion

Sanoma is continuously developing its corporate social responsibility (CSR) and now updating the Sanoma CSR program. As part of the project, stakeholders are invited to share their opinions by answering a short survey online by 27th of September 2020.  

“Sanoma is a learning and media company impacting the lives of millions every day. Corporate social responsibility is in the essence of our businesses. Our high-quality learning materials help achieve better learning outcomes. Our media play an important role in society by contributing to the freedom of speech and supporting our democracy,” comments Sanoma’s President and the CEO Susan Duinhoven.

In the survey, stakeholders are asked to assess which CSR issues they find most important for Sanoma. There is also an opportunity to give open feedback and ideas for engagement and improvement. Answering is anonymous and takes only few minutes.

“We are very interested in the opinion of our stakeholders on this important area for Sanoma. This is a perfect opportunity for our customers, consumers, investors, business partners, suppliers and other interested stakeholders to take part. Ultimately, the results will be used to develop our CSR program further,” Duinhoven continues.

Answer the survey using this link

If you have any questions about the survey or CSR at Sanoma, please contact us by email