Outlook for 2020

(published on 8 October)

In 2020, Sanoma expects that the Group’s reported net sales will be around EUR 1,050 million (2019: 913). The Group’s operational EBIT margin excluding PPA is expected to be around 14% (2019: 14.8%), which in this case means the margin is not expected to be below 13% or above 15%.

The outlook is based on the assumption that the advertising market decline in Finland in 2020 will be between 15-20% compared to 2019.

Previous outlooks

(published on 24 March and unchanged in 2020 Half-year Report)

Due to the current corona virus outbreak, Sanoma temporarily withdraw its Outlook for 2020, which was given on 7 February. In the current continuously and rapidly evolving situation it is too early to make reliable and specific estimates for an adjusted Outlook. Sanoma expects to give an updated Outlook for 2020 later during the year.

(published on 7 February)

In 2020, Sanoma expects that the Group’s comparable net sales will be stable, and operational EBIT margin excl. PPA will be around 15% (2019: 14.8%).

Outlooks for 2019 (archive)