Divestments and acquisitions

Divestments 2011-

Announced  Closing Deal Operations Link to the release
16.1. Divestment of operations Belgian women’s magazine portfolio Press Release
21.4. 1.6. Kieskeurig.nl Comparison website in the Netherlands Press Release
10.4. 19.7. SBS TV (Netherlands) Stock Exchange Release
15.3. 3.4. Sanoma Baltics Online classifieds Press Release
22.9. 22.9. Head Office Finland Custom publishing operations Press Release
1.2. 1.2. Autotrader.nl Dutch online car classifieds business Stock Exchange Release
28.1. 28.1. AAC Global Finnish language service company Press Release
30.12. 11.03. 50% stake in Fashion Press and United Press Remaining Russian media operations Stock Exchange Release
6.11. 6.11. Bookwell Majority stake in book printing company (Finland) Press Release
26.5. 1.9. 3 magazine titles Magazines (Belgium) Stock Exchange Release
30.4. Vedomosti 30.4., United Press titles in parts, last on 30.9. Titles of United Press and stake in Vedomosti Newspapers and magazines Stock Exchange Release
23.12. 2017 Real estate located in Kouvola and Lappeenranta Printing and office facilities Press Release
17.11. n/a Closure of operations (not divested) Media operations (Ukraine) Press Release
7.11. 22.12. Adria Media Zagreb Media operations (Croatia) Press Release
17.7. 1.9. 3 magazine titles Magazines (Netherlands) Press Release
17.6. 27.2. De Vijver Media TV (Belgium) Stock Exchange Release
11.6. 1.9. 4 magazine titles Magazines (Finland) Press Release
6.6. 4.7. 19 magazine titles Magazines (Netherlands) Stock Exchange Release
24.4. 1.7. Sanoma Media Budapest Media operations (magazines, TV, online) (Hungary) Stock Exchange Release
10.4. 1.1.2015 Majority ownership in Sanoma Lehtimedia and in local printing companies Printing operations and regional newspapers Stock Exchange Release
28.3. 30.4. Apollo Online news service Press Release
21.3. 30.4. Sanoma Pro’s B2B business Sanoma Pro’s B2B operations produce up-to-date digital and training services and publish business books for professionals in the fields of taxation, financial administration, law and supervisory work. Press Release
5.3. 5.3. Sanoma House Sale and leaseback of real estate Stock Exchange Release
14.2. 31.3. Lehtipiste Press distribution Stock Exchange Release
17.1. 17.1. Real estate located in Vantaa, Finland Printing facillity and office as well as production properties Stock Exchange Release
23.12. 30.4. Sanoma Media Praha, Sanoma Media CZ, Websitemaster Magazine operations (Czech) Investor News
10.12. 16.12. Adria Media Serbia Magazine operations (Serbia) Investor News
8.10. 8.10. NTK Educational Holding Zrt Learning operations (Hungary) Stock Exchange Release
26.8. 11.4. Sanoma Bliasak Bulgaria Magazine operations (Bulgaria) Investor News
7.8. 3.2. Sanoma Hearst Romania Magazine operations (Romania) Investor News
14.6. 14.6. Helsinki Halli Stake in ice hockey team Jokerit and Hartwall Arena (Finland) Investor News
19.4. 30.9. Netinfo Online content and e-mail service provider (Bulgaria) Press release
21.12. 21.12. Adria Media Ljubljana Magazines operations (Slovenia) Press release
11.9. 11.9. Hansaprint Stake in publishing company (Finland) Press release
29.6. 6.9. Esan Kirjapaino Stake in publishing company (Finland) Press release
13.6. 13.6. Esmerk Business information services (Finland) Press release
5.3. 4.5. Kiosk and press distribution operations Kiosks (Finland, Estonia and Lithuania) and press distribution (Estonia and Lithuania) Stock Exchange Release
2.3. 2.4. Porvoon Kirjakeskus Book logistics (Finland) Press release
23.2. 16.3. DNA Stake in telecommunications group (Finland) Stock Exchange Release
14.10. 14.10. Kiosk and press distribution operations Kiosk and press distribution (Latvia) Press release
29.4. 3.10. Werner Söderström General literature publisher (Finland) Press release
25.8. 30.9. Suomalainen Kirjakauppa Bookstores (Finland) Press release
21.3. 29.4. Finnkino Movie operations (Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania) Stock Exchange Release
8.4. 8.4. Kiosk and press distribution operations Kiosk and press distribution (Romania) Press release

Acquisitions 2011-

Announced  Closing Deal Operations Link to the release
7.3. 18.4. N.C.D Production Ltd Event business Press Release
10.4. 19.7. Veronica TV guide business Stock Exchange Release
29.3. 2.5. Mobiilimarkkinointi Routa (51%->80%) Mobile marketing (Finland) Press release
17.6. 17.6. De Boeck Belgian learning company Press Release
1.6. 1.6. Scoupy and Kortingisleuk.nl Dutch cashback marketing companies Press Release
3.3. 1.4. Mobiilimarkkinointi Routa (25% -> 51%) Mobile marketing (Finland) Press Release
28.1. 28.1. The rights to the portfolio of educational materials from School Publishers PWN for grades 1 to 12 in primary and sendary education Educational materials (Poland) Press Release
17.6. 17.6. HUMO Magazines (Netherlands) Stock Exchange Release
14.3. 14.3. Pronoia School- and teacher management software company (Belgium) Press release
4.9. 4.9. Fashionchick (55% -> 100%) Online fashion (Netherlands) Press release
28.11. 28.11. SB Commerce E-commerce (Netherlands) Press release
4.7. 4.7. HeadOffice Communication Agency specialised in Relationship Marketing (Belgium) Press release
28.6. 28.6. Bureau ICE School tests and exams provider (Netherlands) Press release
16.5. 2.7. Metroradio Finland Radio channels (Finland) Press release
10.5. 10.5. Read & View Online retail group (Netherlands) Press release
29.4. 3.10. Tammi Learning and Bonnier Utbildning Learning materials and solutions (Finland and Sweden) Press release
4.5. 4.5. Hemels Publishers Custom media (Netherlands) Press release
20.4. 8.6. & 29.7. SBS TV assets (Netherlands and Belgium) Stock Exchange Release
Stock Exchange Release