Executive Management Team


The Executive Management Team (EMT) supports the President and CEO in his or her duties in co-ordinating the Group’s management and preparing matters to be discussed at Board meetings. The matters include, e.g.:

  • The long-term goals of the Group and its business strategy for achieving them
  • Acquisitions and divestments
  • Organisational and management issues
  • Development projects
  • Internal control
  • Risk management systems

The EMT is chaired by the President and CEO. As members, the EMT comprises the CEOs of Sanoma Media Finland, Sanoma Media BeNe and Sanoma Learning as well as the Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer (CFO and COO) of Sanoma Corporation.

Members of the EMT

Susan Duinhoven, President and CEO (Chairman)
Markus Holm, CFO & COO
Marc Duijndam, CEO of Sanoma Media BeNe
Pia Kalsta, CEO of Sanoma Media Finland
John Martin, CEO of Sanoma Learning

Bios of the members of the EMT are available here.