Corporate Responsibility


Sanoma’s mission is to help people understand the world. We serve people’s individual needs to develop themselves and enjoy their lives. With a focus on our customers, we create high quality, relevant, captivating content – information, inspiration, education and entertainment – in multiple channels across media. With quality journalism and learning methods, we contribute to the functioning of democratic societies.

Creating positive impact − every day

Our content, learning methods and data-enabled, tailor-made solutions have an impact on people and societies every day. We raise awareness with our content, renew education with our learning solutions, and have a vital role in promoting democracy and free speech. Through optimal use of data-enabled tailoring and targeting, we can provide even more compelling content and individualised learning paths. With responsible business practices we aim to minimise our negative environmental impacts, and maximise positive social and economic impacts. Rigorous journalistic ethics are fundamental in creating the positive impact.

Our focus areas

  • Our high-quality media content increases knowledge, entertains, inspires, and offers insights into the public debate. The advertising content in our media products offers growth opportunities for our customers.
  • Our trusted customer relationships enable us to use data to provide value-adding, personalised content and services. Our goal is to enhance the positive impact of data while respecting privacy as a default. Privacy and data security are in the focus already when we design our products.
  • With our learning methods, we aim to enhance learning and help pupils develop the full potential of their knowledge and skills. We contribute to productive and prosperous future of societies by enhancing the learning outcomes. The best learning results are obtained when children are engaged to learn and teachers can work efficiently.
  • Our aim is to minimise the environmental footprint of our business. The most material environmental aspects for us are the efficient use of materials and energy.
  • Our aim is to create a diverse working environment and culture, which inspire our employees.
  • By running a responsible and profitable business we protect shareholder value in the long-term. In the locations we operate in, we have a positive impact on local societies as an employer, provider and buyer of goods and services, and tax payer. Our goal is to ensure that our suppliers implement the Sanoma Code of Conduct within their operations, employees, affiliates and sub-suppliers.


Non-Financial Information 2018 is included in the Board of Directors’ Report, see pages 19 – 22  in the Annual Review 2018 

GRI Index 2017 (to be updated in spring 2019)


Our actions are guided by Sanoma’s common values, Corporate Governance Framework and Code of Conduct. Clear roles, responsibilities and competences are prerequisites for compliance and accountability. The implementation of good practices is ensured by training, appropriate approval procedures and internal control.

Read more on Corporate Governance at Sanoma.

Business practices

The Sanoma Code of Conduct guides our day-to-day activities. We reinforce responsible behaviour in Sanoma by a common set of rules and values, and make sure that our employees understand and commit to them. We constantly review and develop our common policies and the associated trainings.

Code of Conduct

Sanoma Code of Conduct: Acting with integrity

Our business is built on long-term consumer trust and fair business practices. Sanoma’s ethical and compliance standards are set out in our Code of Conduct.

Read the Code of Conduct here.

Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct focuses on corporate social responsibility, customer relationships and employee wellbeing practices. It is an integral part of the Sanoma Way – the set of shared values that guides how we work and take decisions throughout the Sanoma Group.

The Code acts as an umbrella for other compliance policies, guidelines and manuals within Sanoma. It covers issues such as data privacy, environment, non-discrimination, anti-harassment, insider trading, corruption and bribery, supply chain integrity, financial reporting and controls, safeguarding company assets, avoiding conflicts of interest, and ensuring we compete fairly.

All employees are required to follow the Code, and our business partners, and their partners, are also expected to follow standards equivalent to the Code.

Reporting channels

Any employee or business partner who becomes aware of a breach of the Code of Conduct, or any related policy or law, is encouraged to report his/her concerns in confidence through one of Sanoma’s internal or external reporting channels. We do not tolerate any form of retaliation against individuals who make reports through the channel. Guidance for employees on the most appropriate reporting channel can be found in our intranet.

Third parties may report concerns directly to the Group Compliance Officer or Head of Internal Audit of Sanoma who will carry out appropriate investigation.

Employees and third parties may also use our externally hosted hotline for reports about serious allegations of misconduct concerning accounting, internal accounting controls, auditing, banking or financial crimes (e.g. fraud, theft, money laundering), as well as any suspected incident of bribery and corruption.