About Us

Sanoma is a front running consumer media and learning company that impacts millions of people’s lives on a daily basis.

Our Mission and Purpose


Sanoma is a front running consumer media and learning company that impacts lives of millions of people daily. We offer meaningful content for consumers, and one of a kind marketing solutions for advertisers. Our learning solutions help teachers develop skills of each child. Sanoma operates in Finland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Poland and Sweden. In 2017, our revenue was EUR 1.4 billion and we employed over 4 400 professionals.

At Sanoma, we help people understand the world. We serve their individual needs to develop themselves and enjoy their lives. With a focus on our customers, we create high quality, relevant, captivating content – information, inspiration, education and entertainment – in multiple channels across media.

Our Ambition

Customers are at the heart of everything we do. We aim to serve them the best way

We connect content, brands and people – everywhere and every day. For advertisers we provide powerful marketing opportunities through our reach and consumer insight. For teaching and learning we develop new, personalised solutions both for digital and print.


We aim to be the media and learning company of the future

We innovate and grow. We cherish our brands, and make them multichannel. We constantly develop our learning solutions, which today is much more than textbooks. We accelerate our digital business and always strive to improve our performance. We operate with efficiency, sharpen our business portfolio, and create a high performance culture.

We think and work according to our values

We always look ahead. We are eager to know what is around the corner.
We share, and urge others to share views, opinions and experiences.
We engage, involve, and activate people with things that matter to them.
We make it happen and aim to create an impact every day.


What we do


We offer captivating stories and new perspectives in a wide variety of media from printed magazines and newspapers to digital media, radio and television. We strive to meet our customers’ needs. We offer information, inspiration and entertainment.


We provide learning solutions that are developed with pupils’ and teachers’ interests in mind. Our solutions help teachers be efficient and concentrate on their most valuable competence – teaching. We help pupils get ahead and unleash their whole potential.