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Sanoma Learning’s vision and strategy is all about improving learning outcomes and workflow. Our vision video illustrates what a day in the life of a teacher in a near future could look like.

With technology allowing education to break the boundaries of the classroom, we’re witnessing the move away from an 'input' approach to teaching – one that relies on ‘packing’ knowledge into kids, to an 'output' approach – one that considers the talents and needs of each individual child.

Governments and schools are looking for ways to make educational results more accountable and objective. Teachers are looking for ways to make lessons more efficient and effective. Parents want to become more involved in how their kids learn. And pupils want to be engaged by methods that reflect the fun, interactive, digital nature of their lives today.

We’re meeting these challenges by offering integrated digital learning solutions that enable personalised learning and connect everyone involved in the learning process.

Bingel is Belgium’s largest online exercise platform for primary education, used by over 70% of all Dutch speaking pupils and teachers. includes more than 3,500 series of exercises for grades 1-6 in 12 core learning courses, covering 8 different subjects.

Bingel is an adaptive platform that helps pupils work on digital exercises while automatically correcting their work and providing personalised feedback. The platform supports a variety of learning styles and is used on PCs and tablets both inside and outside the classroom.

Bingel allows teachers to assign digital tasks to classes or individual pupils, and gives them the tools to motivate pupils through gamified feedback. Teachers and parents can consult different dashboards to monitor pupil results. In addition, the platform  is also capable of generating personalised learning paths (digitally and in print) based on individual test results.

Bingel video

Taalblokken and Rekenblokken are two innovative e-learning applications for vocational education in the Netherlands. Taalblokken supports students in language learning for Dutch, English and German and Rekenblokken helps them learn arithmetic.

Both systems are capable of positioning a learner’s level and ability, resulting in differentiated learning.



Sanoma Pro Oppimisympäristö is with around 20,000 user sessions logged daily Finland's most widely-used Virtual Learning Environment. It provides teachers and pupils access to comprehensive digital learning materials and books for all levels and subjects in K-12 education.

Sanoma Pro Oppimisympäristö