Corporate Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility


Sanoma’s mission is to offer engaging content and services that inspire, inform, educate and entertain. We help millions of people every day to access and understand the world around them. We increase knowledge, raise awareness, support teachers to get the maximum potential out of their pupils and help create economic growth through advertising. We also have a higher purpose: We want to contribute to the functioning of our democratic society with quality journalism.

Creating positive impact - every day

Our corporate social responsibility efforts focus on creating positive impact. We raise awareness with our content, ramp up education with our learning solutions, and have a vital role in promoting democracy and free speech. Through optimal use of data-enabled tailoring and targeting, we can provide even more compelling content and individualised learning paths. Our other impacts include economic, environmental and social factors. Responsible business practices and rigorous journalistic ethics are fundamental in creating the positive impact.

Our approach

Our content increases knowledge, entertains, inspires, affects attitudes and can lead to actions. The advertising content in our media products also has an important role for society: advertising contributes to the growth and wellbeing. Our goal is to enhance the positive impact of our content, in particular through freedom of the press and quality journalism.

Our trusted customer relationship enables us to use data to provide value-adding, personalised content and services. Our goal is to enhance the positive impact of data while respecting privacy as a default by implementing privacy and security by design in our products.

We believe that the target of modern education is to develop the full potential of every pupil. By preparing pupils better for the future, we can contribute to productive and prosperous societies. The best learning results are obtained when children are engaged to learn and teachers can work efficiently. Our goal is to enhance the positive impact of learning methods.

We strive to run our business in a profitable way, protecting investments and shareholder value responsibly with a long-term perspective. Our economic impact to societies in our operating countries is through boosting the local economy as a local employer, provider and buyer of services and goods, and by being a significant tax contributor, both as a tax payer and collector of VAT and other similar payments. Our goal is to ensure that our suppliers implement our guidelines in their operations, to their employees, affiliates and their own suppliers.

We focus on efficiency in the use of materials and energy to obtain our goal of mitigating our environmental impact.

For our employees, our goal is to create a diverse work environment and a culture that inspires everyone. Our social impact to other stakeholders comes largely through partnerships, sponsorships and donations.

These six impact areas have been defined after discussions with our stakeholders.  We have reviewed and acknowledged that we have reasonable management processes in place for managing these six material aspects, but we are still in the process of creating detailed action plans and defining key performance indicators for some of these key areas.