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The marketing landscape is evolving in new and exciting ways. Brand owners, media companies and consumers are all moving into different roles and getting accustomed to a fundamentally new market model where the consumer is in control.

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This new market focuses on value propositions, meaningful relationships and customer experience. Opportunities to engage consumers and create brand fans are ubiquitous. Sanoma is an expert in making the best possible use of these opportunities, creating tailor-made communication solutions in close co-operation with our clients and business partners. We have the experience, the tools and thorough consumer and market insights to do that.

Sanoma is a creative and innovative media company. Our assets for the B2B market range from (automated) media advertising, branded content to tailor-made brand partnerships and community activation; from content marketing via CRM solutions to social media marketing; deploying all media and communication platforms in our portfolio: digital, mobile (smartphone/tablet), TV, magazines, newspapers, radio, and including our alliances with others.

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Trends and developments in the media landscape

We believe that the ROI on communication and marketing can improve. By using a holistic approach and growing our insights how to engage consumers and turn them into brand fans, and how to convert a touch point into sales during the consumer decision journey.

Together with a group of our international advertisers Sanoma analyses the new marketing landscape and the changing future needs of advertisers. This intense and satisfying research results in a deeper understanding of trends and developments that are crucial in today's and tomorrow's advertising world marketing ecosystem. And they are leading the way Sanoma is transforming to become a frontrunner in the marketing landscape. Below we give you a short impression of market insights and the way Sanoma transforms to meet new market requirements.

Bought, Owned and Earned

Brand owners want to stage their brands through storytelling, branded entertainment and conversation management. They need a holistic approach; seamlessly integrating bought, owned and earned media. Cross-media solutions and cross-media collaboration with media companies are a must for all advertisers. Sanoma has built its history with bought media. Meanwhile we have developed a full portfolio in bought, owned and earned media. Through our international centers of excellence Sanoma develops high-quality teams and resources in all organisations.

A 360 marketing approach

Brand owners want to work and experiment directly with a small number of highly competent media partners who are capable of strategically advising them with the creative use of media in a 360 marketing approach. Through the years Sanoma has built extensive experience in brand partnerships and developed the necessary knowhow and workflow for tailor-made cross-media solutions.

Measurable 1:1 solutions

Brand owners want to build 1-to-1 relationships with consumers and involve peer leaders to create active communities for dialogue and advocacy. Media are seen as trusted authorities to help with this. There is a high willingness amongst advertisers to involve consumers in many activities to increase brand credibility. Sanoma has extensive expertise knowhow in community activation and measuring its outcome through research. Our established media brands are a huge asset in engaging important influentials.

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Examples of our solutions

We can tell you our vision on the business and how we work, but the best way to illustrate how we are successful, is showcasing examples of real solutions we have delivered for our clients. With impressive results.

Pantene Swisssh — P&G and Sanoma Belgium


Sanoma Belgium and P&G have a longstanding relationship, co-operation to activate the different brand communities. In 2011 P&G introduced the new product Pantene Aqua Light and again turned to Sanoma Belgium with the specific objective to spark the Pantene Aqua Light “swisssh” campaign through a cross-media approach and to turn women on to the product.


The action was specifically aimed at young women who want to look and feel their best every day of the week. Women who consider their hair to be an important asset and women who love gorgeous and featherlight hair. To this end, we created the SuperSwisssh, committing Sanoma brands Flair & VIJFtv. We called on our communities to take part in this SuperSwisssh event. Through TV, print, the online platforms of Flair & VIJFtv, as well as social media we recruited and turned on the intended target group. In addition, we inspired them with tips & tricks on how to make “a perfect swisssh” (swisssh = roll your head in such a way that your hair swishes from side to side). From the numerous entries, we selected 30 women to make 1 SuperSwisssh, a 4-minute swisssh. From these women, we finally selected the SuperSwisssh winner who earned a making-of report in Flair and a TV spot on air.


This action elicited a very enthusiastic and particularly committed response from our Sanoma communities. We managed to create real ambassadors for the brand. In addition, we have been able to demonstrate and provide evidence of the effectiveness of the cross-media approach through a media mix. P&G and Sanoma repeated their co-operation on this case in 2013. Watch the video (Dutch).

The Netherlands
Elmar Krop

Holland Casino — Play with style


The Play with Style campaign was developed to help reinforce the Holland Casino brand experience. The campaign’s goal is to convince potential female visitors to consider Holland Casino as a venue for an evening out on the town. An evening out at Holland Casino means a stylish evening out.

Astrid van Kempen, Manager Marketing
Communications Holland Casino: "Two years ago we were looking for a way to reach the female target group. To this end, we entered into a partnership with Sanoma under the slogan 'Play with Style’. And Play with Style also meant that we were searching for stylish women who enjoy the nightlife.”


Women in stylish evening wear were scouted during the Special Ladies Day at Holland Casino branches throughout all of the Netherlands. A renowned professional chose the Play with Style Top 8. The public could vote for two wildcard participants on the promotional website. From these ten finalists, a winner was chosen during a festive Award Show.

A combination of print media (Grazia advertorials with QR), online (editorial, advertorial, display, video report, newsletters), social media, TV (NET5 promo, tailor- made programme and editorial) and mobile advertorials (geo-targeting) were used to build this successful case.


Campaign effect measurement showed that the appeal of Holland Casino as a venue for an evening out has doubled. On top of that the campaign communicated both the brand values and brand characteristics very well: people link them more to the Holland Casino brand than before. People talk about Holland Casino twice as often as before and they are two times more inclined to recommend Holland Casino to others.

There was a clear multimedia effect as women who were exposed to several types of media saw Holland Casino more as ‘contemporary and scintillating’ and as ‘an evening full of glamour and adventure’ (the main campaign message) than others.

Astrid van Kempen : "The collaboration with Sanoma went particularly well. We are now doing it for a second year, and you can see that the lessons we learned from our partnership in year one are being carried through to year two. In a nutshell, it’s been great and we are more than satisfied.” Holland Casino repeated the case with Sanoma and SBS in 2013.




Target was to launch the new, innovative Kauppakassi service for the  retail chain Alepa. The solution was a multichannel campaign utilizing Helsingin Sanomat brands. The results were above any expectations. Watch the video (Finnish).