Who we are


A captivating image.
A great story.

A lesson that makes a difference. A click further. A comment that activates. Sanoma is built on these moments.

The Netherlands
Elmar Krop

Our purpose

At Sanoma, we help people access and understand the world. A world full of opportunities and experiences – a world to explore, influence or share. Working together with our customers, we create high quality, relevant, captivating content: information, inspiration, education and entertainment, across media in multiple channels. We serve their individual needs to develop themselves and enjoy their lives.

Sanoma is a front running consumer media and learning company in Europe. In Finland and the Netherlands we are the market leading media company with a broad presence across multiple platforms. In Belgium we are among the Top 5. Our main markets in learning are Belgium, Finland, the Netherlands, Poland and Sweden. We entertain, inform, educate and inspire millions of people every day. We employ more than 5, 000 professionals.

Helsingin Sanomat

Our ambition

Customers are at the heart of everything we do and we aim to serve them in new ways

This means we connect content, brands and people – anywhere and anytime. For advertisers we will provide powerful marketing opportunities through our reach and consumer insight. For our learning stakeholders we will develop new solutions, be it personalised, digital or in print, for both teaching and learning.

We aim to be the media & learning company of the future

We will innovate and grow. We will foster our brands, and make them multichannel. We will grow in TV, also outside of Free-to-Air. We will develop our learning portfolio, that today is much more than just textbooks. We will accelerate our digital business and always strive to improve our performance. We will operate with efficiency, sharpen our business portfolio and create a high performance culture.

We think and operate according to the Sanoma Way

We always look ahead. We are eager to know what is around the corner. We share views and we urge everyone to share views, opinions and experiences. We engage people, we involve and activate people with the things that matter to them. We make it happen, we aim to create an impact every day.

What we do


With our consumer media we aim to capture the imagination of our audiences. We want to engage and inspire our customers with captivating stories, beautiful pictures, astonishing insights and new perspectives. We offer a wide variety of media, from printed magazines and newspapers to digital media as well as radio and television.

We strive to meet our customers' needs when and how they want it. Our media give access to a world of information and inspiration and connect people with their interests.


Our learning products and solutions go beyond the textbook. We provide learning solutions that are developed with pupils’ and teachers’ interests in mind. Our solutions help teachers to be efficient and to be able to concentrate on their most valuable competence – teaching. They support pupils to unleash their whole potential to reach a higher level.

We aim to enrich their lives, and make things easier by offering solutions tailored to specific learning needs that are available at a moment's notice.



To Sanoma Suppliers

Sanoma complies with Procurement General Terms and conditions as well as Data protection and Security principles and we follow well-specified quality standards in all our operations. We also expect that all our suppliers follow the same terms and principles and that their operations are ethically, environmentally and financially sustainable.

Sanoma Supplier Code of Conduct

Data Protection and Data Security Appendix

General Procurement Terms