Sanoma Media Finland

A Year Full of Success

After several challenging years, 2016 marked a turnaround for Sanoma Media Finland.
The company achieved record-breaking results, particularly in its television operations.

“We are aiming to improve profitability through growth in customer oriented sales, cost control and improving our efficiency. Our strategy implementation was supported and enhanced by the Suunta project, which provided us with a great deal of energy and insight in 2016,” says Pia Kalsta, CEO of Sanoma Media Finland.

Finnish Stars Attracted Viewers

The company succeeded in increasing its market share of media sales, which resulted in overall sales growth. Its excellent performance was based on an impressive increase in television viewing share. Nelonen Media’s programming was centered around Finnish television personalities, who attracted viewers effectively.

”In 2016, we became nearly as large as our main competitor,” says Kalsta.

A Year of Big News

Major news events and the rise of false news and alternative sources made the demand of high-quality journalism very clear. Helsingin Sanomat and Ilta-Sanomat further increased their popularity among readers.

”Ilta-Sanomat strengthened its position as market leader in print and digital media. Online, Ilta-Sanomat hit new visitor records several times during the year. Helsingin Sanomat successfully implemented its multichannel consumer strategy: its revenues from digital subscriptions and services increased, while the decrease in income from print media stabilised,” says Kalsta.

The Transformation Continues

The pace and direction of the digital transformation vary according to media sector. This calls for a new type of competences, as well as new ways of working among the personnel.

“We have to be where the consumers are. This means that we provide engaging content in multiple channels. Media consumption is clearly in hybrid phase - many Finns want their printed newspapers or magazines while at the same time the digital consumption of media is increasing quickly”, says Kalsta.

Pia Kalsta, CEO of Sanoma Media Finland