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The most comprehensive media
portfolio in Finland 

Our multi-channel media range comprises leading brands in various media. We want to be present in the daily lives of our customers, exactly where and when they want to consume our content and services.  Our operations are focused on newspapers and magazines, television and radio, and online and mobile content.

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  • Radio Suomipop

    Radio Suomipop is the number one channel for Finnish music oriented at adult listeners and the most popular commercial radio channel in Finland. It is channel for finnish pop and rock music.


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  • Radio Rock

    Radio Rock is unbeatable target-group channel for Finnish men. It is the leading rock radio station in Finland. Radio Rock listeners are united by rock music and attitude.


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  • Hero

    With its new concept, Hero is the perfect addition to Nelonen Media’s range of channels. Hero answers to the changed viewing habits of its focus group by providing a new way to consume TV shows and films.

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  • Puutarha.net

    Puutarha.net provides expert gardening advice.


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  • Glorian Koti

    Expert in interior decoration entertains readers and provides them with experiences. Each issue of Glorian Koti thoroughly engages its readers by offering useful insights, inspiration and enjoyment.

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  • Oikotie.fi

    Oikotie.fi is the leading real estate and job advertising portal in Finland.


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  • Autot

    Autot magazine provides pre-school boys and girls with funny comics, tasks, games and ideas for their car games.

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  • Me Naiset

    All Finnish women are familiar with Me Naiset. It is Finland's leading weekly magazine brand for women, and the only women's magazine in Finland to provide new content every day, including the mobile edition.


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  • Cosmopolitan Finland

    Cosmopolitan is the most popular brand for young women in Finland. The magazine provides glamour and attitude to readers through the actual magazine, online and iPad.


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  • Aku Ankka

    Consumers of Aku Ankka include both people in top positions as well as toddlers that cannot read. Aku Ankka teaches Finns how to read and keeps entertaining them ever after. Aku Ankka is the most read weekly magazine in Finland.


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  • Nelonen

    Nelonen gathers viewers together and gives them common experiences by providing modern entertainment and deep feelings through premium TV entertainment.  Nelonen offers the best international series and movies and appealing Finnish programmes to its most demanding target audience.


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  • Jim

    Jim is an easy to approach entertainment channel which offers fun and straightforward entertainment for adult women and men. Jim is a balanced mix of fact, true stories and fun entertainment, programmes which are easy to enjoy.


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  • Nyt

    Nyt is a versatile guide to the week to come. Every Friday Nyt tells what there is to see and do in the city.


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  • Groove FM

    Groove FM is a relaxed and upbeat online radio targeted at adult radio listeners  in Helsinki area.


  • Meidän Perhe

    Meidän Perhe knows how Finnish families are doing.


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  • Metro Helsinki

    Metro Helsinki is a cosy channel for urbanites in the Helsinki area, offering the area’s best tips.


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  • ET-Lehti

    ET magazine is Finland's leading medium for senior citizens and the leading general magazine.


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  • Tiede

    The leading science magazine in Finland provides the best factual entertainment in Finland.


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  • Rakennuslehti

    Rakennuslehti provides all the essential information on the construction industry's topical trends and trade cycles.


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  • Prinsessa

    Prinsessa magazine shows the way to the fabulous world of princesses.

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  • Kuukausiliite

    The monthly supplement of Helsingin Sanomat, Kuukausiliite, has more than a million readers which makes it Finland’s biggest subscription magazine. It is especially known for its well-written, researched articles and elegant visual style.


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  • Kodin Kuvalehti

    Kodin Kuvalehti, the best-appreciated women's magazine brand in Finland, is the most popular women's and home magazine among Finnish women.


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  • ET Matkaopas

    Matkaopas offers everything of interest to a heavy-duty traveller.


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  • Liv

    A TV channel particularly aimed at women, Liv is source of inspiration and entertainment for its viewers. Liv is a pioneer of diverse lifestyle programming, the home for Finnish and foreign lifestyle stars.


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  • Helsingin Sanomat

    The leading newspaper in the Nordic countries is the forerunner of high-quality journalism in Finland. Helsingin Sanomat includes HS.fi,  the Kuukausiliite monthly supplement, Nyt.fi, the HS Teema magazine, HSTV and HS Books.


  • ET Terveys

    ET Terveys focuses on health and well-being of people aged over 55. It is the readers’ personal trainer, which gives advice and spurs healthy living and well-being.

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  • Autotie.fi

    Autotie.fi service offers consumers a new way to find and compare cars that meet their specific needs. In addition, Autotie.fi serves as an effective electronic sales tool for car sellers.


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  • Glorian ruoka & viini

    The most attractive and appreciated food magazine in Finland provides joy and inspiration! In an open-minded way, Glorian ruoka&viini serves up the entire modern world of food.


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  • HS Metro

    HS Metro is an urban, fast, fresh, international paper for the morning news update. Metro offers the main news items from the metropolitan area, from Finland and abroad.


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  • Soppa365

    Soppa365 is a digital food service built around a social cookbook. In addition to online content, the service includes a regular Soppa365 food magazine.


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  • Radio Aalto

    Radio Aalto is a strong target-group channel with an emphasis on female audiences.    


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  • Startel.fi

    Startel, the leading financial news agency in Finland, offers news agency services directly to companies as well as readers via Taloussanomat, websites and many other channels.


  • Hyvä Terveys

    Hyvä Terveys is popular, appreciated and very topical brand, and the largest and most appealing wellbeing magazine in Finland.


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  • Vauva

    Vauva provides the latest information about pregnancy and childbirth, and advises readers on how to take care of and raise their baby.


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  • HS Teema

    HS Teema magazine is issued six times a year. Every magazine dives into one particular topic of our time.

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  • Digitoday.fi

    Digitoday.fi is an online publication focusing on the digital economy. Digitoday is a part of Taloussanomat news service.


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  • Urheilusanomat

    Urheilusanomat is the biggest sports magazine in Finland. It also offers its readers a unique web service and dozens of Live TV transmissions from various sports series.


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  • Suuri Käsityö

    Suuri Käsityö, Finland's most well-known, largest, most popular and multifaceted crafts magazine encourages and inspires readers, is useful, trendy and diverse.


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  • Sähkövertailu.fi

    Sähkövertailu.fi is an independent online service, which provides consumers with the easiest and the most comprehensive way to compare electricity prices and buy electricity in the whole of Finland.


  • Roope-setä

    Roope-setä readers are major consumers of comics. They especially enjoy the brightest gems of Italian Disney production, selected to suit Finnish taste.

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  • Ilta-Sanomat TV-lehti

    Ilta-Sanomat’s TV Guide is the biggest single copy sales high-quality magazine in Finland that has a wide expertise in what is on TV shows.


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  • Huuto.net

    Huuto.net is the most well-known online marketplace in Finland. 


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  • Hintaseuranta.fi

    Hintaseuranta.fi is the largest product and price comparison service in Finland.  


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  • Ruutu

    Ruutu provides viewers with a wide selection of free-of-charge, well-known programming from the various TV channels of Nelonen Media. In addition to TV shows, Ruutu also has a lot of other video content.


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  • Rakentaja.fi

    Rakentaja.fi is the largest website for homebuilders and renovators in Finland.


  • Helmiradio

    Helmiradio is a radio channel targetted to the age group 34-54. 

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  • Gloria

    Finland’s most distinguished glossy magazine offers fashion, beauty and lifestyle. Gloria constantly provides its readers with novelties: ideas, phenomena, topics and products.



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  • Taloussanomat.fi

    Taloussanomat.fi is a free online financial news service. As the leading provider of digital financial information in Finland, it offers news analysis, financial tools, and a discussion forum for the education and entertainment of Finns.


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  • Loop

    Radio channel Loop is the voice of the community and a trendsetter.


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