The option holder who is in employment relationship can make the subscription in the following address:


Evli Bank Plc will act as the share subscription agent. In case you wish to subscribe shares with your stock options please contact Evli Help Desk by phone +358 9 4766 9931 or operations(at)eam.fi, in order to receive a share subscription form.

After signing the subscription form and paying the subscription price according to the payment instructions Evli Bank Plc will take care of the required entries in your book-entry account, whereby the options used for subscription will be removed and new shares of Sanoma will be entered.

The subscribed share is not immediately available for trading on the stock exchange but the new shares will first be entered into the Trade Register and after that the shares will be applied for listing on the stock exchange as a so-called supplementary lot.

Shares will establish shareholders rights as of the date of they are entered into the Trade Register.

For more information on share subscription with stock options, please contact operations(at)eam.fi.

Subscriptions in 2017

The filing applications have to be submitted one week before Board of Directors' meetings. The last days to submit applications are:

made on or before
Estimated Trade Register day Estimated date of listing on
Nasdaq Helsinki
18.1.2017 20.2.2017 21.2.2017
12.4.2017 9.5.2017 10.5.2017
22.8.2017 21.9.2017 22.9.2017
6.10.2017 7.11.2017 8.11.2017
30.11.2017 21.12.2017 22.12.2017


Stock options 2011  
Basic information  
Maximum number of stock options   798,400
The number of shares exercised by one stock option   1
Initial exercise price, EUR   10.35
Dividend adjustment   Yes
Exercise price at 30 Mar 2017, EUR *   8.55
Beginning of exercise period, date (vesting)   01/11/14
End of exercise period, date (expiration)   30/11/17
Remaining expiry time at 31 Dec 2016, years   0.9
Number of persons at 31 Dec 2016   92

* The dividend is deducted from the exercise price annually.

Terms and Conditions of the Stock Option Scheme 2011