Sanoma Media BeNe

Success with the Cross-Media Strategy

One of the focus areas for Sanoma Media BeNe in 2016 was online video. The company holds the number one position in the Netherlands with the online reach of its brands.

With a monthly reach of over 15 million consumers in two countries, Sanoma Media BeNe is the largest local media company and market leader within the 'Women' and 'Home & Deco' domains. One of the focus areas for Sanoma Media BeNe in 2016 was online video. The company boosted its video stream starts to over one billion. According to a study by Nederlands Online Bereiksonderzoek, Sanoma Media BeNe is now the number one local publisher in the Netherlands with the online reach of its brands.

Consumer Data Offers Well-Targeted Content

Sanoma Media BeNe’s cross-media strategy is proving its power. Consumer data allows it to offer well targeted and appealing content to consumers and offers advertisers a commercially attractive combination of mass reach and targeted audiences.

Cross-media is formed by adding data to multi-channel media. Cross-media solutions and data are a key differentiator and success factor in a rapidly changing media market. In this field, Sanoma Media BeNe is well positioned for the future.

“Data is increasingly becoming a key differentiator within the media. Data improves the user experience, and it helps Sanoma to provide better content and services to consumers. It also enables advertisers to target the right audiences through the best (converting) channels”, says Peter de Mönnink, CEO of Sanoma Media BeNe.

Personal and Relevant Service Adds Value

The better audiences are identified, the more relevant content and advertisements can be delivered. The ongoing development of addressable TV will also allow traditional broadcasters to serve consumers and advertisers in the most personal and relevant way.

“Data is the glue that cements all our channels and adds value for all of us”, says De Mönnink.

Cooperation in the Netherlands and Belgium

In 2016, Sanoma Media BeNe continued its back-office integration and cooperation in the Netherlands and Belgium.

“The first cross-border successes have been achieved with several online and editorial collaborations. The integration of the two separate Home & Deco domains led to the launch of vtwonen in Belgium and copying its 360° strategy accordingly”, De Mönnink concludes.

Peter de Mönnick, CEO of Sanoma Media Bene


Boosting events in BeNe

Sanoma Media BeNe held nine events in 2016, visited by a total of more than 435,000 consumers, mostly women. An event is a perfect way to see an audience come to life. An opportunity to have real contact with an audience from a magazine brand's perspective, but also for sponsors and advertisers. Sanoma’s events fit the 360°strategy in the BeNe market. The company holds a distinctive position because of the ability to link all events to their strong media brands.

In 2016, three new events were introduced. In Belgium, the Flair Games had a successful pilot and in the Netherlands, Share a Perfect Day and LINDA.festival, of the magazine LINDA., were introduced.

Share a Perfect Day is the first event that focused on the target audience instead of a magazine brand. The three-day event was a perfect day out for female friends. The event was organised in close cooperation with Jumbo, the second largest supermarket chain in the Netherlands. This combined strengths: the brands and channels of Sanoma | SBS bundled with the retail power of Jumbo. This first edition was well received by close to 60,000 visitors and by sponsors and advertisers.

Events continue to be important for the business market. The number of events continues to grow and besides ticket sales a strong growth in sponsor/advertising sales is realised. For example that digital company need events to have live contact with their audiences. Sanoma will continue to organise multiple events and increasingly cooperate with advertisers who want to become a part of the experience of Sanoma's events.


Libelle TV

Libelle, the largest and most successful women’s magazine in the Netherlands introduced Libelle TV. For over 80 years Libelle offers millions of women recognition, inspiration and information via print. In May 2016 the brand started Libelle TV offering these trusted values on a daily basis via video.

It is obvious that there is a market for Libelle TV. Libelle signalled that women aged 35 to 65 were virtually absent on multi-channel networks like YouTube. All the trusted brand pillars are brought to the Libelle audience in video. Besides daily vlogs and life hacks, Libelle TV has already made 16 formats, some of which have already been given a second season.

With Libelle TV the brand has gone truly 360°. Apart from the magazine, the Libelle Summer Event and the news and lifestyle website Libelle Daily. Its most popular video has already been viewed over 4 million times. The new channel is also commercially embraced and has already resulted in successfully branded content partnerships with top Dutch brands and the Dutch National Railway.