Sanoma Learning

A Frontrunner in the Digital Transformation

Sanoma Learning’s strong financial performance in 2016 was driven by strengthening the core business, investing in new growth and enhanced cost management.

Sanoma Learning is one of Europe’s leading learning companies, serving about 10 million students and a million teachers. Sanoma Learning enables great education in some of the world’s best-performing education systems, including in Finland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Poland and Sweden.

More Scale for Digital Investments

Last year the company focused on strengthening the core business through targeted actions and enhanced cost management. In Belgium, Sanoma Learning acquired De Boeck. The combination of Van In and De Boeck will bring more scale to the digital investments and strengthen the market position. In Finland, Sanoma Pro has managed to take advantage of the change in the educational system, which is showing in sales growth.

“Sanoma Learning is the first company in the market to deploy a digital learning solution in multiple countries: the Belgian platform Bingel has crossed borders and was successfully introduced in Finland and Sweden”, says John Martin, CEO of Sanoma Learning.

Expanding to Adjacent Markets

Sanoma Learning is also expanding to adjacent markets. In the Netherlands, Sanoma Learning is winning market share in testing pupils through our IEP Eindtoets. Sanoma Utbildning in Sweden widened its portfolio of products by offering learning solutions to newly arrived Swedes. Malmberg is also exploring new possibilities to enter the market of corporate learning. For this we started a pilot in the port of Rotterdam called Safety-At-Mainport.

“We expect that education will change more in the next ten years than in the last 100 years, partly enabled by digitalisation. We’re a frontrunner in the digital transformation, and we have leading positions in some of the world’s best-performing education systems”, says John Martin.

Supporting Teachers

Through the multi-channel learning solutions, Sanoma Learning helps to engage students in achieving good learning outcomes and support the effective work of professional teachers in primary, secondary and vocational education. By automating workflows and giving insights through technology, Sanoma Learning supports teachers in working more efficiently and maximizing the time they have to support their pupils individually. We work hard to enable professional teachers – the teacher is the killer app in education.

John Martin, CEO of Sanoma Learning